Ingredientes Aussie

¡Tu pelo, la nueva ola!

Una aplicación de Miracle Beach Waves, con Extracto de Alga Kelp australiana y ¡tachán! Por arte de magia conseguirás el look ondulado que tanto disfrutabas en la playa. ¡Ay! Si ahora pudieras coger una ola en vez del bus…


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21 Jun, 2018

This shampoo is one of my favorites. I use it every other wash sometimes every third wash so reduce build up on my hair. It smells great and feels clean every wash. I don’t know what I would do without it.

20 Jun, 2018

Most times I cannot use head and shoulder as it makes my hair fall out more often as for example another shampoo. There must be something in it my hair can't take. This one does smell really really good though and wish I could use it more often.

20 Jun, 2018

I only reach for head and shoulders when i have dry itchy scalp and it gets rid of it after one use. I love it. I always make sure to have some around and luckily they sell them in different sizes so I can always have small one for traveling or touch ups.